Streetart Festival 2022

I've been honoured to paint a new model of BMW at Streetart Festival to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of BMW M series. We partnered together with Cartec Olomouc to make a custom spray painting of this beauty and the beast BMW X6m. After names like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons I was able to paint #bmwartcar project as well. 

I would like to show you how I usually work and get you to know a little bit more about the whole creative process. 


I spent a lot of time thinking how to handle the luxurious BMW so I wouldn’t desecrate the beauty of the car itself. I decided to use my fashion designer’s skills and work with the car as if it was a fabric to give it a new coat.


I started to sketch different compositions and tried to find the optimal and balanced coat. As the whole car was white, I decided to use warm colours with elements of luxury and free lifestyle.

3. 3D model

During my creative process I use pen and paper for initial compositions or rough sketches and then I switch to iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2 and mostly use Procreate app. It is awesome that Procreate now supports 3D USDZ file so you can import the file and paint directly on the 3D model. And that was what I used for the first time for real usecase as a designer. Although it took a lot of time and searching, I was finally able to find a free model at sketchfab. Another issue was the UV texture. After import didn’t work so I had to use blender and smart UV to update the model and export to GLTF and then to USDZ. Sure, it takes some time but then you are all prepared and you can focus on the final sketch.