BMW Artcars & Streetart

I've been honoured to paint a new model of BMW at Streetart Festival to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of BMW M series. We partnered together with Cartec Olomouc to make a custom spray painting of this beauty and the beast BMW X6m. After names like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons I was able to paint #bmwartcar project as well. 

I would like to show you how I usually work and get you to know a little bit more about the whole creative process. 


I spent a lot of time thinking how to handle the luxurious BMW so I wouldn’t desecrate the beauty of the car itself. I decided to use my fashion designer’s skills and work with the car as if it was a fabric to give it a new coat.


I started to sketch different compositions and tried to find the optimal and balanced coat. As the whole car was white, I decided to use warm colours with elements of luxury and free lifestyle